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Before you dive in, we want you to understand how to navigate the various trainings across the platform. At its roots, the site is divided into two major sections: Product Information and Product Marketing.


In the Product Information section you will find detailed information on product lines: XS Energy Drinks, XS Sports Nutrition and Blast Mixer. These sections are a great resource for you to increase your product knowledge, credibility and portfolio of ingredient information. You can view detailed product information as well as print out PDFs for use in your own product marketing.


Our XS Training area offers a package of lessons designed to ramp up your marketing efforts across all the XS offerings. We are continuously launching more content, more lessons, and more training sections. We encourage you to take advantage of this growing, robust training platform by starting now and returning often to continue your journey of becoming an XS Pro.

As a reward for your efforts and to show others that you've leveled up your XS training, by completing our Open / Share / XSperience lesson package, you'll be eligible to purchase our XSclusive XS Captain Tee in the XSGear section of AmwayGear.com!

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