Super Rat Racing - XS® Brand Ambassador

XS Gear Brand Ambassador


  • Bellingham, WA


Owner constructor along with my brother Carl of super rat racing. It's hard to personalize accomplishments when it's such a team effort.

Carl and I have been building specialized motorcycles for 20+ years and landspeed racing at Bonneville for the past 5 years. We both contribute a lot of effort into each other's racing program and capitalize on the dual effort.

I clinched my first landspeed record in 2012 on our 1000cc Ducati racer at 166 mph. Carl took his first record in 2013 on a 500cc Yamaha at 105 mph. 2014 yielded another record on a twin engine Ducati at 194 mph.

It takes a ton of passion and thousands of hours to achieve the goals we set but the value is expressed in the effort. There's nothing we'd rather be doing than this!


  • We are an invited builder to "the1moto" show in Portland, Oregon, Februray 2016.
  • Invitation to be a top builder at the AIM expo in Orlando Florida October 2016 and qualify as a world champion competitor.