Richie Schley - XS® Brand Ambassador

XS Gear Brand Ambassador


Richie Schley


Mountain Biking


  • Laguna Beach, California


Richie Schley lives in Laguna Beach, CA and was one of the original XS ambassadors. He is considered one of the main pioneers for bringing freeride mountain biking and bike slope-style to prominence. For Richie, cycling is a passion that translated into a career, he believes he’s one of the lucky people that truly gets to do what they love for a job. At the core, Richie believes life is about taking chances and having adventures.


  • Inductee of the Mountain bike Hall of Fame
  • Pioneer of Freeride Mountain biking and Mountain Bike Slope-style
  • Professional Free-Skier featured in MSP Films and Warren Miller Films
  • Winter 2019 Spoke Magazine Cover
  • 1993 Canadian BMX Champion, Pro Class