Mark Matthews - XS® Brand Ambassador

XS Gear Brand Ambassador


Mark Mattews


Mountain Biking


  • Victoria, British Columbia


Mark Matthews was lucky enough to grow up in Canada's warmest city, Victoria, BC. The mild winters, unique terrain, and thriving bike culture helped him get into riding bikes at the age of 12. It all started by hanging out with friends, building jumps for BMX bikes, and having a good time. Mark quickly discovered mountain biking and it gave him the opportunity to sample all types of riding from downhill racing to slopestyle contests. He soon became known in the bike industry for his smooth style and all-around skill set. In 2012 he won NSMB's AIRprentice contest which helped launched his professional career.


  • AirPrentice 2012 1st Place
  • Red Bull Rampage 2013 Competitor
  • 2018 Bike Magazine Photo Annual Cover
  • Winter 2019 Spoke Magazine Cover
  • Spring 2019 Mountain Flyer Magazine Cover