The XS Center for Optimal Fun - COF

Laguna Beach, California

The Birthplace & Hometown of the XS® Brand

Laguna Beach was founded as an art colony and is the birthplace and continued inspiration for the XS brand. Laguna’s beaches, reefs, coves and hills continue to inspire artists and adventurers. Many adventure-sport brand founders are from or drawn here, making it an epicenter for lifestyle brands like XS.

At the XS Center for Optimal Fun located in the Pacific Edge Hotel, you can work, play, or just get away. The XS oceanfront indoor/outdoor space offers the most exclusive Laguna Beach experience. It is perfect for any social gathering; from team meetings and retreats to a once in a lifetime party.

Your customized XS experience can include:

XS Bungalow

The XS beachside private bungalow, also known as the XS Center for Optimal Fun (COF) is a disco/tiki bungalow designed to deliver on the XS brand promise of adventure and opportunity, meanwhile energizing your body and mind. What better place to recharge than in a bungalow overlooking the ocean, just steps from the hotel’s private beach? It includes a comfortable living room that overlooks the ocean, a private bathroom with shower, bar area, valet parking, XS® Energy drinks, catered food and beverages available upon request on a private deck area.

XS Adventure

The XS COF is all about helping people experience the natural beauty of Laguna Beach through an adventure partnership with the Eco-Warrior Foundation, including stand up paddling excursions, surf lessons, beach clean-ups, yoga, snorkel and free dive tours, mountain biking, hiking, or just relaxing on the private beach. You can design your own customized adventure for you and your team.

Pacific Edge Hotel

Situated on three acres of Laguna Beach coastline, in the heart of Laguna Beach’s art galleries, shops and restaurants. It’s an easy drive to Disneyland, Universal Studios and the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health (COH). Located 15 mins from John Wayne/ Orange County Airport (SNA) and 1 hour (non-rush hour) from Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Choose from a variety of room sizes and amenities to find the right fit for your group size and budget.


The XS COF is open for tours to all Amway Business Owners M-Th 8am-10pm and Fri 8am-12pm. Friday afternoons and weekend rental is $400/day with a min. $350 food & beverage spend. However, calling and reserving a tour in advance is required, as the XS COF may be booked for a private tour.

The XS COF exists to spark the next revolution of positive experiences for Amway Business Owners from around the world. Please come and experience Laguna Beach at the XS COF with us.

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